Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring is finally here!

OK, so I sort of abandoned this blog for awhile- but I'm back! Last fall by the end of harvest, there just wasn't much left for me to say, though there still was a lot going on. But it is finally spring, and with the warm weather returns energy and enthusiasm and all that. Besides, there is so much going on now that it deserves comment.
If I knew what I was doing, I would arrange the pictures better, but no. So there you have it.
Right now at the winery we have finished pruning, except for a few stray plants in the garden. That is a huge relief! (Dave's back is grateful too.) Thanks to all the friends who came out to help- you know who you are.
We will have our last planting day on Saturday. (But didn't I say that 2 years ago?) We are putting in 120 Noiret, because Dave has decided they have great red wine potential in this climate. Planting is always a lot of fun, because of the great crew that comes out to help, proving literally again that many hands make light work. This year's crew ranges from very experienced to novice, but I am confident it will go well (especially if the weather cooperates).
The new building is coming along rapidly too, though the days are flying so I know it won't be done as quickly as I would wish. We have a great builder, who works with a super team, always thinking of better ways to do things. The view over the vineyard is going to be absolutely lovely. We can't wait to show it off!
Now if we could just find time to get the new wines bottled...