Monday, August 2, 2010

Grace Hill Winery Breaking News!
Harvest Update
August 2, 2010
We went out into the vineyard this afternoon to check the progress of the grapes. We knew they were coming along quickly, but didn't know how quickly.

Long story short, rather than August 14th, harvest will start in earnest on August 7th. Dave says we need a good crew, so we are recruiting volunteers. Read on for details, and if you can come, great! We will start at 8, pick through the morning, and then provide lunch with wine. See you there!

Jeff Sollo
Grapes and when to pick themvineyard
Grapes ripen on the vine this time of year at different rates, depending on the variety and the weather. As we go into the vineyard to assess their maturity, we look at color, pH, acidity, sugar content and most importantly, taste. Picking them at the optimal time allows for the best balance of flavor, sweetness and acidity. Right now everything is coming together just as we had hoped.

Of course, there are lots of other factors that come into play. First is the weather, which can speed or slow things, or even potentially ruin them. We don't want that! The next is pressure from various pests, such as bugs, birds, deer and turkeys. Then finally, there is still the risk of disease. If the weather is too humid, all sorts of rot can occur.

Right now we have the propane cannon to scare the birds, and we are putting on nets as fast as we can. We aren't the only ones who know how good those grapes are. And right now, they are really good!

So if you can come out for harvest this Saturday, August 7th, (or any other Saturday in August or September) send us an email at