Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Wow! April is almost over, and I'm not sure where it went.

The vineyard woke up and looks great! This was one of the prettiest springs we have ever seen here, with all the trees blooming at once. The scent of the lilacs was intoxicating, just going out to get the mail. The vines wake up slower, and some of them are just now beginning to look green. But as they come out, they show us the potential of this year's crop, which is always exciting.

The vines survived the winter very well. We were concerned about the cold snap in early January, since it got much colder for much longer than is typical around here. But the vines look like it never happened, which is a real relief. I always think there isn't much to do in the vineyard this time of year, but of course, there are always things to do. Right now we are making sure the plants are trained appropriately, and we are thinning out shoots to manage the crop load.

We are trying out a new type of net this year, for bird protection. It is also supposed to help to train the vines, which is why we were out applying it recently. We knew it wouldn't work as well to try to put it up in a stiff wind, but did anyway. This is south central Kansas, and you never know if a calm day is actually going to happen. Actually, the second day they put it up was calm, and they said it was a lot easier!

Dave got a new (used) cooling unit for the cellar this week. He brought it back in our trailer, which worked fine. When he told me he planned to get it down into the cellar by strapping a pallet to the top and lowering it down into the pit with the forklift, I was a little skeptical. But it worked like a charm, and still works like a charm. Dave and a forklift-what a combination!

Last week we poured our wines at the Old Town Walkabout. It was a wonderful time, raising money for the Guadalupe Clinic, which is a very worthy cause. We had a great volunteer team out to help, and they were extra special because they are all great supporters of the winery, and have been an integral part of our success. Thank you all!

We tasted V, our Vignoles, this week. We will be releasing it at the spring release party next week. It is really good! A dry white wine, with a great aroma and wonderful flavors, it's my current favorite. The Spring Release Party is Friday, May 7th at the winery from 5-8. Come on by if you're available!