Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring pruning

Pruning is in full swing now, since it is technically spring. The vineyard is still dormant, though sap is starting to flow. We are hoping not to see bud break for a little longer, since this year has been so cold. You can see from the before and after photos that pruning really controls the vines and gets them in shape for the new seasons growth. The quality of the fruit is dependent on the job we do now, so Dave is very particular about how it's done. However, the vineyard is large enough that he needs to accept help from some of the rest of us! (19 rows to go.)

It still doesn't look like spring around the vineyard yet. I had to bring forsythia branches in to force them, to get some sense of spring. But at least the buds were in there!

Jeff got the opportunity to talk about our wines at a tasting at a bed and breakfast near Haven last weekend. He introduced them to Prairie Pink, which isn't officially released yet, and it was a big hit. We are really excited about it, and look forward to having it out sometime in April.

Having hosted big planting parties in April for the last several years, it seems odd not to be planning one this year. But we are done putting in new vines, at least for now. We will be replacing a few that have died, but mostly we will be tending the ones we already have.

We are looking forward to some fun events in April. We will be pouring our wines at the Old Town Walkabout as part of the Midwest Winefest April 22nd. Look for us at CityArts. (Tickets are on sale now, and they sell out quickly.) Then Jeff will be pouring our wines at Main Street Emporia's event on April 24th.

We found out last month that we had received a matching grant from the state for an event tent, which we are looking forward to using at the vineyard. If you have ideas for us, let us know. The tent is on order, and we are excited about it.

Last but not least, Dave had a letter to the editor published in the Wine Spectator this week. (April 30th issue.) It may be the only way we get into the Wine Spectator, for now, but we'll take it!