Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You can't get out and prune when the vines are covered with ice. And even though the storm was last weekend, the ice was still glistening when the sun hit it this morning. I think it finally all melted today, but it is supposed to snow again tomorrow. Will this winter ever end? It's really making me grumpy.

On the other hand, we have been able to get some things done around the winery, since we haven't been able to go outside. We have bottled "V", our 2009 Vignoles, as well as "Prairie Pink", our 2009 version of rose'. They will be ready for release sometime in the spring, and are both promising to be really special. We have also bottled the 2009 Norton, but it won't be ready for release for awhile. My parents came out to help with bottling. They are really getting experienced, and are a huge help!

We have been giving away chocolates with our logo on them during February, as a free gift with purchase. We have one last weekend for that promotion, which has been a lot of fun. Dave is hoping we sell a lot of wine, but if there is chocolate left, he thinks he gets it. Maybe he will get the red hearts, but I'm keeping the logo chocolates for the tasting room.

Jeff got forklift lessons this week, when he picked up a pallet of side-netting for the vineyard. (It is hard to think about bird protection when everything is frozen, but Dave plans ahead.) He got the hang of driving the forklift quickly, which is good because it drives backward and is completely counterintuitive. His response was similar to Dave's, "That thing is AWESOME!" I just find it scary, so I'm very glad they enjoy it.

Jeff got our first real newsletter sent out last month, and this month's version will be out Friday. It is packed with lots of good information, so if you know of anybody who would be interested in receiving it, have them send us an email. (