Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!
Out here in the country no one rings our doorbell. It's awfully quiet, but usually that's part of what we love.
All our wines are quietly aging in the cellar at this time of year. Dave is feeling a little lost with the vineyard quiet now. The days are shorter, and although today was beautiful, we've had our first freezes and the vines are quickly losing their leaves. It's not as picturesque as it was a few weeks ago, but that is all part of the cycle. We do feel the seasons more acutely now.
And yet, the planning for next year is already happening. The vines we will be planting (April 4th-mark your calendar!) have already been ordered. The endposts are in and the vineyard has been laid out. The midposts will be installed in the next month or so. The posts have to go in when the ground isn't frozen and is soft from recent rains-it has been perfect lately.
I am sure that when we are open regularly the Christmas season will be a busy one for us, but I don't think that will be the case this year. Maybe something will prove me wrong! Anyway, we are gearing up for the days we will be open this next couple of months. Come out then, and try the wines! We will be here on November 22, Dec 6,13, and 20th from 11-5. And other times by appointment. (That means just call and see if we are around. If we are home, we can be open.)